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1.) Draw a curve in Rhino.
2.) Place “revolution” in Grasshopper.
“Revolution” is found in surface
under freeform.
3.) Place “curve” in Grasshopper,
found under curves.
4.) Right click on “curve,” click “set
one curve”, select the curve in
5.) Connect a line from “curve” to
the P in the “revolution” button
in Grasshopper.
6.) Place another “curve” in
7.) Right click on “curve,” click “set
one curve”. Go to Rhino and
make a line next to the curve.
8.) In Grasshopper, connect a line
from the second “curve” to the
A in the “revolution” button.

You should now have created an object in Rhino. The object was design by revolving the curve around the straight line and filling in the surface area.

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As of January 2010, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest freestanding structure in the world, reaching an incredible 2,716.5 feet—almost half a mile. Excavation started in January 2004, and in the 1,325 days following, the massive skyscraper surpassed many other impressive records. Level 141 was reached in July 2007, making it the world’s tallest building. The Burj Khalifa passed the CN Tower in Toronto, completed in 1975 at 1,815 feet, as the tallest freestanding structure in the world.

Tallest Buildings

Burj Khalifa - Dubai

The Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) won the rigorous design competition for Dubai masterpiece. The design was inspired by the Hymenocallis flower and is suggestive of the onion domes common in Islamic architecture.  The modular Y-shaped structure is composed of three elements arranged in a central core, allowing for maximized views of the Arabian Gulf. Nada Andric led the interior design. She expertly incorporated the local culture while staying aware of the structure’s elite global status. Cursive Arabic writing inspired Andric to design the transition between rooms with an elegant interplay of light and shadow. Glass, stainless steel, polished stones, Silver Travertine flooring, Venetian stucco walls, handmade rugs, intricate Brazilian Santos Rosewood are all carefully used to create an interior that reflects shelter, comfort and restrained luxury. Over 1,000 pieces of art adorn the interior to embody the spirit of global harmony.

With over 160 floors, the Burj Khalifa contains some of the finest amenities in today’s world. To see almost all of the Dubai, the observation deck is on the 124 floor. Inside are residencies, office spaces, fitness centers and water features, with 3000 underground parking spaces. A wide range of fine dining is on the 122 floor and just next door to the skyscraper is one of the largest malls. For those privileged enough the stay there, the hotel within the Burj Khalifa is non other than Giorgio Armani’s. This is his first hotel, comprised of 160 rooms, all with his personal design. Guests are privileged to shop Armani’s carefully selected products from the unique in-house retail outlets.

The United Arab Emirates and its leaders are extremely excited to have a world renowned building in Dubai, symbolizing the country’s growing role in the changing world as a result of human talent, ingenuity and initiative. The Burj Khalif declares the capabilities and determination of the UAE people to work together on truly awe-inspiring projects.