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Gabrielle Enzweiler: edge surface grasshopper

To use to edge surface tool in grasshopper you must draw at least two curves, but up to four. Then, you select “curve” and link each line to a curve. Then select the “edge surface” button and link each of the curves to this.

Project 1: Gabrielle Enzweiler: Re-Imagining the Hoover Dam

“Re-imagining the Hoover Dam” was a third place entry in the 2011 eVolo Skyscraper Competition. The Hoover Dam, stretching over 1,000 feet between Arizona and Nevada, is a massive concrete arched structure. It consists of a viewing platform, a bridge, and a presentation gallery. In her project, Yheu-Shen Chua designed a way for all three elements to become one continuous, vertical super structure. One of the main principles of the structure is to allow water from the upstream river to fully engage with the viewers through a series of containers, collecting the water and rushing it toward the viewers for an up close experience. Also noteworthy, a hanging tower above the 700-foot drop can be used as a gallery or vertical aquarium.

This project is extremely useful to both the interior and architectural space of a skyscraper because of it’s functionality and attention to it’s present context. Combining all the functional zones into one uninterrupted super structure allows for both a more efficient design, and a more aesthetically pleasing result. Lastly, I have great respect for this project because the designer noticed the uneasiness of the current Hoover Dam, and solved these problems in a pragmatic and visual sense.