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08 Coleman Intersect/Physical/CurveSelf P3


The Curve/Self command is used to define the points that a curve intersects with itself in a three dimensional space.  It can be used to find the points and to measure the distance along the curve in between the points.  Once the points are identified, other notes can be attached to create geometries at the intersections.  I have simply attached spheres with a slider for radius to the intersection points.  This helpful definition was brought to you by Dan Coleman.  Enjoy.

Coleman/Mandly P2

p1_Dan Coleman_section6

This image interested me because it uses a living organism to make the building more efficient.  As a MArch student that has a previous education in cell biology I never knew that single celled organisms could be used in the building process in this fashion.  Algae are used for gas exchange in a building and could also be used for treatment of water used in the building.  They are held inside of the plates that are hung on the side of the building.  As the algae absorb sunlight and perform photosynthesis they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and sugars.  Another side effect of the metabolism of carbon dioxide in species of algae is they change a variety of colors.  Using the algae as a skin on the exterior of a building would create a constantly changing facade.