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Crafted entirely from recycled shipping pallets and cardboard, the “Pupa Pavillion” promotes both parametric design and sustainability in the creation of a unique interior space.  Constructed of nearly four thousand triangular components, the triangular frames were glued together in accordance with a parametric computational map, meticulously assembled to create an interior alcove. Developed in order to inspire employees to rethink what we take for granted, the elegant and inviting form of the pavilion serves to demonstrate how the materiality of cardboard can add function with sound control, as the acoustic properties make for an intimate meeting space. As an installation in a typical office setting, this design also demonstrates how transformative design can be in a space. From the photos alone, one can see a stark contrast between the cold, white office space and the warm, inviting, and lit-up pavilion. As space can serve to influence the behavior of those using it, one can speculate that the space created by the form and mass of the pavilion could be utilized to influence communication between employees or encourage flexibility and creativity within the workplace.