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The loft tool in grasshopper allows you to create a surface between a set of curves.  Put both of the curves from Rhino into grasshopper.  Subdivide each curve, then place each of those subdivided curves into a line.  Finally, set the line into the loft tool to create your lofted surface.

loft tool

05 Megan Dziatkowicz

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The Tree Hugger by One Fine Day architects

During the summer of 2011, this temporary pavilion, located in what was previously used as a parking lot, facilitated diverse events next to basilica St. Castor in Koblenz, Germany.  The aim of this project was to create a versatile space that was suitable for exhibitions, lectures, workshops and spontaneous gatherings of students.  The members of the office One Fine Day, creator of this pavilion, commented that one of the most important aspects of this project was to educate students and craftsmen of recent computational design and computer aided manufacturing technology.  The Pavilion uses the shape of an extruded pentagon rather than a square box.  On the interior, the “branching” and inherent “porosity” of the trees’ leafy canopy above has been abstracted into the similarly “porous” pentagonal and rhombic tessellation of the surfaces.

The idea of incorporating nature literally and figuratively on the interior of a space is fascinating.  Having the pavilion interact with the already existing tree, then using geometric forms to abstractly represent the qualities that a tree and nature would possess combines the interior and exterior successfully in an unconventional way.