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P4_05 Yi-Ting Kuo, 06_Qinglan Luo

we decided to use waffle for laser cutting.

we simplifies our model but still kept the concept of it.

and then, put it into Rhino and connected it with the waffle grasshopper.

Surface/Freeform/Planar Srf

05_Yi-Ting Kuo

Planar Srf—Create planar surfaces from a collection of edge curves.

First, I created two connected curves.

after first step, i opened grasshopper and then inserted these two curves into grasshopper by using “set multiple curves”.

after that, i connected these two curves to the planar srf. these two curves became a surface.
You could keep connecting to create different effects on this surface.

p2_ 05_Yi-Ting Kuo, 06_Qinglan Luo

p1_Yi-Ting Kuo_05

2450 white / clear Chair by Junpei Tammaki

This chair is created by a Japanese industrial designer Junpei Tammaki.  He has completed a chair composed of exactly 2450 polycarbonate pieces. It is a chair design. However, if look the design of this chair architecturally, the details of this chair can be represented the spaces of the building.  The Material use and the creation of the shadow are really interesting and good inspirations.  The idea of its details can be used in the different ways to create a space.  Its design concept can be tried in the detail of the interior spaces and also use as the exterior part of the building.  Also, these holes around the chair bring lots of ability to create interesting shadow and lighting, which will be wonderful to use in the space.