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Curve/Spline + Utility/Offset

gh offset
gh offset

The offset button in Grasshopper offsets a curve with a specified distance.  The input parameters are: C (Curve) the curve to offset,  D (Number) Offset distance, P (Plane) Plane for offset operation, and C (Integer) Corner type flag.  Possible values: none = 0, sharp = 1, round = 2, smooth = 3, chamfer = 4.  The Output parameter is (C) is the resulting curve.  In my definition I created an elipse as my curve and offset it.  I set a slider for the offset distance to offset it either inward or outward.  Then I divided each curve and created a line between each point created.  I then extended the lines and set sliders to determine the extension lengths at the beginning and end points of the lines.  The final result was an eliptical ring with rays extending from it.

Steven Ramage

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I chose a renovated warehouse that was wrapped in a cinderblock skin.  I feel that there are a lot of existing unused buildings that can be reused and revitalized in the united States. This example of three old warehouses in Shanghai that were transformed into an artist complex by Archi Union Architects. The renovation of the old fabric warehouses includes an undulating skin that was inspired by humble materials (ordinary cinderblocks) that are transformed into a parametric wall that is reminiscent of the buildings previous use, fabric. The façade consists of a wall of glass shrouded in an undulating cement block skin that provides light and the appearance of movement. This affect was accomplished because the blocks have been stacked and carefully rotated around three sides of the building.