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Surface/Analysis/Evaluate Plane

The evaluate plane tool uses the parameters of a plane (x, y, z) as inputs to define reference coordinates for creating planes or points with their centers somewhere on the plane. Sliders are used in as the way to define the coordinates. Each end of the sliders define the edges of the plane itself. If all of the sliders are set to the left of the tool, a plane or point can be created using one of the extreme corners of the plane as a starting point.

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The “WasteLandscape” is a 600 square meter parametrically designed art installation done by the French art studio known as Le Centquatre. It is an undulating landscape that is formed from a network of discarded or unsold Compact Discs, sown together by hand. The Studios use of CDs is a decision that comes from the fact that they are an item that will soon be a thing of the past, as new technologies such as Mp3 devices take their place. Many such CDs will be used to build open air, floating, or buried toxic waste centers, as they are made of petroleum and can be recycled into polycarbonate.

Another reason that the studio chose to use such a typical object was to show the precious aspects of such daily objects. Over the course of the exhibits life, it will assume different configurations in locations that are coherent with the stakes of the projects intentions.