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P4_Timothy Perkins 04 and Luke Erickson 03_Skyscraper RPC

We used the waffle script to create cross sections of the draping forms that hang off of our skyscraper model. This study may reveal a lot about structural implications for this form.

Evaluate Box

The Evaluate Box tool utilizes the parameters of a box (u,v,w,) as inputs to define a set of reference coordinates for creating planes or points with centers inside the constraints of the box. Sliders can be used in order to define the coordinate inputs. The ends of the sliders define the edges of the box. If all sliders are set to left, a plane or point can be created using an extreme corner of the box as a center point. The orientation of the output plane is the same as the direction in which the thickness of the box is directed (the third stage of the box command).

P3_Timothy Perkins 04

P1_Timothy Perkins_04

The Voromix Hanging Lamp use layers of acrylic sheets and silkscreen to create a unique lighting experience. The parametric modeling strategy (using Grasshopper) of this design results in the fabrication of a chandelier that hangs from a ceiling surface via cables and provides atmospheric light to enhance an interior design. This design appears to target unique interior spaces (restaurants, lobbies, apartments, etc.) more than typical development (office space, high-density residential, etc.) The application of this sort of fixture in a skyscraper would most likely be in an area that contains a more tailored/custom atmosphere. Some probable locations in a skyscraper would be bars/clubs, lobbies, swimming pools, exhibition spaces, and high-end apartments.

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