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The Extremes tool calculates the extreme points of a curve perpendicular to the selected plane. The first thing to do is select the curve that you want to analyze and then to select the plane perpendicular to the axis that you want your extremes to fall on. The extreme function will then produce the coordinates of the two extremes and display them in the original model.


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This proposed hotel skyscraper designed by Barbara Leonardi and Oliver Dibrova of Hani Rashid Studio received its inspiration from the singing dunes phenomenon which is found in desert environments such as Dubai where the hotel would be located. Singing dunes occurs when grains of sand bump against each other creating a sound that is then amplified by the whole top layer of sand vibrating against the dune. The resulting sound can be very loud and is similar to the beating of a drum.

The shape of the building, although similar to the physical shape of dunes, actually comes from the three dimensional shape that is generated by the frequency and amplitude that is in turn generated by the pattern sand forms from the vibrations of a drum. I find it very interesting that a building could take its shape to something typically invisible to the human eye. The building’s two distinct shapes also points out the programmatic difference, the spiral structure is the public space while the four plugged in units are the four different hotels. To use such strange phenomenon and sound to inspire a building is quite unique.