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Curve/Analysis/Polygon Center

The Polygon Center command in grosshopper evaluates the center of any given polygon. To begin, you can have grosshopper create a manipulable polygon within rhino by selecting the polygon tool (I have used sliders to control various components of the polygon). After a polygon is created, the polygon center tool will analyze the polygon based on two components: 1) the average of Polygon vertices (Cv) and 2) the average of Polygon Edges (Ce). I created two polygons, one based off the xy axis and the other based off the yz axis, and used the Polygon Center tool to locate the center of both objects.

Polygon Center

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DCA (Design Crew for Architecture) has created a powerful and revolutionary water purifying skyscraper that resembles soapy-bubbles stacked on top of each other. According to DCA’s design brief, only 1% of the world’s water is liquid freshwater and the World Water Council predicts a world-wide freshwater crisis by the year 2030. DCA’s bubble-shaped skyscraper sets the tone for future endeavors that wish to solve potential world-wide crises. The skyscraper is capable of making freshwater from a series of bubbles filled with mangroves that both efficiently and sustainably filter over 30,000 liters of freshwater a day. Amazingly, this equates to the tower being able to irrigate a one-hectare field of tomatoes everyday. The water purification process that this structure uses requires several circular tanks to be gilled with brackish water that is then enclosed in spherical greenhouses. The tower then uses pumps to move the brackish water skyward, into and through the mangrove plants. These plants then feed off the brackish water and perspire freshwater. This freshwater evaporates and then condensates into dew is collected from the walls of the greenhouse in tanks. Being harvested at the top of the structure, the freshwater can then be distributed to fields simply by gravitational forces.

Logically the skyscraper is not proposed for highly populated cityscapes, but for areas with sunny weather and ideal conditions for growing crops, such as the Almeria province of spain.