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Surface from points

Surface from points. Points have to be selected based on order. Holding shift to select them by U or V one by one.

GH file: pointssurface


Please take a few min to complete a short survey for SAID294.


Software Download + Prerequisite Knowledge download

  • Autodesk products: Please download latest version of Revit, AutoCAD, Maya, 3ds Max. All free.
  • Rhino. Please buy a student Windows version ( not Mac version). $195.
  • Grasshopper Plugin for Rhino. Free. only works with Windows version.

2. Please following the link below to check your prerequisite knowledge of Computer Skills.

You should have some basic knowledge of AutoCAD and Revit. We will spend only a few Lab hours in the first week to practice the basic skills.

Ming Tang

set up user name with section #

Welcome to the blog website for this course. You need set up a user account before you post and comment. Please following the steps to set up your display name with your section #:

1. click¬† the “register” ink on the right screen.

2. setup you user name and Email.

3. Check email,  follow the link provided. use temporary password to login.

4. update personal info in the profile page, change to a new password, fill in your full name.

5. Make sure add your first name as “section# your first name”, and last name as ” your last name”. For example, if I am in section 02, I will add the first name as “02 Ming”, last name as “Tang”.

6. Make sure choose your “Display name” as your “section# your first name, last name”.

7. Click “update profile” button. Go back to the front page and you should see your name on the right side of screen displayed as “section# your first name, last name”.


Ming Tang