p3_Sarah Mapel_001

The requirements in my millwork class have changed, and thus I have decided to parametrically design something I am more passionate about, rather than something out of necessity.

Similar to the image above, I would like to parametrically design and fabricate a light fixture that is made of tessellated pieces that may or may not vary in size, depending on the overall shape. The shape of a sphere is one that is attractive to me because it is a pure form, but the idea of tessellating the skin of the fixture breaks it up, making it a component-type piece, rather than a volumetric whole.

I would hope to create the tessellating shape and then laser cut it on some flexible, translucent material so that the pieces would allow light to pass through but also prevent glare from penetrating the skin of the fixture. I would also aim for the pieces to be self-connecting, so that no glue or adhesive materials are needed.

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