P2///WEAVE/// James Herrmann / Mark Talma///

Having analyzed the work of Erwin Hauer, we began to contemplate the variability of such a system when generated by the computer with parameters set into the pattern. The weave that is formed breathes like the lungs of a living being, bulging in some regions while retracting in others.

Board 1 – Top Right / Sketches
Foreground / Perspective Rendering

Board 2 – Top / Sections, Plans, Axonometric
Bottom Left / Plan
Bottom Right / Perspective

James Herrmann ///Mark Talma

  1. AlexanderMega

    Jeff and I had been exploring a similar subject, but I like this monad/unit based approach.

    By breathing, do you mean that the woven system has variations or that it pulsates with breezes? I think this could be especially interesting if it interacted with people as they passed it.

  2. Victoria Saunders

    Movement of the pieces in reaction to people walking past would be interesting, but even the depth that is created by these small pieces is really nice.

    I am curious as to the function of the system, if you saw it as a shading device, purely aesthetic, etc.?

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