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La Passe Muraille

“La Passe Muraille” by Julien de Smedt Architects was inspired by the short stories of Marcel Aymè, about a man who has the abilities to walk through walls. The work was done for an exhibition and invites the viewer to interact with the work. As you move, the image dives further and further into the building. It begins with a view of the Pompidou Center in Paris, but as the viewer moves closer to the image, the walls start to push aside revealing the space behind those walls and subsequent spaces beyond. Spaces continue to slide apart until you have visually passed through the entire building and see the Parisian skyline on the other side.

This concept could possibly be adapted for use on the storefront of a building. As pedestrians walk by, the wall could visually give, hinting at what lies inside; it could invite the pedestrian to explore the interior further, while still physically enclosing the building. It could be turned off when more privacy is needed or adjusted to allow the pedestrian more or less access into the building.