p1_Diane Guo_Phare Tower

Morphosis’ design of the Phare Tower in France addresses a multitude of complex issues through its unique building skin. Its innovative and nonstandard design responds to the many arrays of environmental considerations and fuels urban development in the city. Its complex skin harnesses the sun and wind to produce energy. The skin is constructed of diagonal stainless steel mesh that morphs in accordance to the sun to reduce heat gain and glare; it transforms in accordance with the changes in light. The building is carefully oriented to maximize daylight on the north side and minimize solar gain and glare on the south, east and west side.

Considerations into daylight and solar gain along with wind are important to any skyscraper that is made mostly out of glass. This tower utilizes its building skin to maximize energy efficiency by tapping into natural resources. With innovative and advanced technology, the Phare Tower reduces its impact on the environment, proposes healthier work atmosphere for its users, and poses as a potential cultural landmark.