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My concept is about an origami flower which could evoluate in function of the sun. More it’s sunny and more the flower is open. During the night it’s closed for keeping the heat and the energy caught during the day. It could be also usefull for protecting the facade against the wind impact and recycling the rainwater, it depends of the opening of the module.

Also in function of the scale of the module, the program could be different inside the building itself. I choose to keep the original structure visible to have this idea of memory in the neigborhood, it’s also a symbolic building in this district.

All the modules would be open in function of the impact of the sun on the facade. That’s why I used solar analysis to generate my facade and also shadows analysis. The concept wants to be kinetic and working with an umbrella mechaninsm but in reality it will be static.

The material is a membrane, like this it can be strech and auto-cleaning. For the pattern itself it could be perfored or striped.Finally for the fabrication I used maya and 3D Print.

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Project in Abu Dhabi

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The Origami pattern is generated in function of the impact of the sun on the facade, the wind and the rainwater. When it’s really sunny, the origami flower is open, when the day is over, the flower is closed to keep the enegery and the heat for the night. It’s working with the program which will be a public garden/greenhouse or a spa/swimming pool or an ice skating (in memory of the existing program). All these programs need energy so it could be a good way to use the facade for generate this energy and recycling the rainwater.

For the Mandala pattern, the idea is pretty similar, it’s in function of the impact of the sun. However this time, it’s working as the inverse of a flower. Effectively, when there is a moderate light, it’s closed a first time, but when there is too much light, it’s closed a second time by an other skin.

This mecanism will be once for the interior facade and a second time for the exterior facade, like this there is more control on the opening of the flower system. The program will be a public garden/greenhouse or a spa.

For both idea, the scale of the pattern could be adapt in function of the quantity of light or of heat. With the solar parameter, each facade wil be different and will create an unique building. For the two ideas, the facade will be kinetic to create a beautiful visual effect.

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The Beijing National Aquatics Center by PTW Architects

What is the project :

Also known as the « water cuve », this aquatic center was built for the swimming competitions of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. It’s a cuboid (a rectangular box) covered with « bubbles » which symbolize water. It’s a steel space frame, the largest ETFE structure in the world, with over 100 000m2 of ETFE pillows. Basically, it’s a bubble skin.

This bubble skin « allows more light and heat penetration than traditional glass, resulting in a 30% decrease in energy costs ». It also can recycle the rainwater. Obviously the structure is inspired by « the natural formation of bubbles in soap lather ». That is why the pattern looks irregular and rather organic and natural (there is a lot of differents sizes for the bubbles), it looks like if has been randomly set up.

The ETFE is a plastic material, translucide and really tough against pressure and temperature variations. It also allows different kind of natural light effects during daytime and artificial’s during the night. But it also let the air circulate between the two surfaces so there is a kind of self-regulation of the temperature.

Why you think it might be relevant to your concept?

I think it might be relevant to my concept because I would like to use the rainwater as a parameter in order to generate the pattern of my facade and also use translucide materials to play with the light depending on my program’s needs.

This kind of structure is really light and could be pluged all around the existing structure like it was covering the old building. I would like something more organic and free in the form: not only a cube but a building that could set a relationship with the light just like a sunflower. Of course I won’t keep the bubble skin but I believe that the concept and the entire idea of the relationship between the program and the skin is interesting. I like the fact that we can guess the program is related to the water just by looking at the facade and the structure.

I also want a kind of soft skin, a warm cocoon in opposite to the urban context around our site and the weather in Chicago. That’s why I like this kind of diffused light. I also would like to re-used the rainwater for my program and make my building autonomous thanks to the skin, which can produce its own energy or at least a part of it.

Video : (sorry for the quality of the sound)