E2_Pohung_Digital Ornament

Digital Ornament


  1. In your paper, you discuss how parametric ornamentation allows for the sensical return of ornamentation due to purely physical reason, in terms of money, time, and skill; I believe that this viewpoint solves half the ornamental issues, but does not address the modernists ideas that added and non-functional from serves only to detract from the pure spatial experience. I particularly enjoyed your relation of new parametric capabilities towards an increased ability for nature inspired designs. Nature is a design that consists of complete reason and lacks of all things random. Every existence in nature is explainable through its surrounding environment, and in this way, architects should strive to achieve such cohesion. I wonder if parametric design will allow for an increase in logic based details at every scale so that the functional reasoning almost disappears behind a beautiful and cohesive mesh, relatable for instance to a tree-line. When looking at a tree line, it is easy to find order, but difficult to pick out details; do you believe this effect would be a signal of success in parametric/nature based design?