Height field

Kangaroo force1 22 p small Kangaroo force1 23 pp small Kangaroo force1 24 HF small

Height field

Kangaroo force1 21 P4 comb smaller

These Grasshopper manipulated flowers respond the the height of the surface that was created using Kangaroo.
Photoshop has also been used in order to create the colors and retouch the colors and lights.
The render engine used is Rhino’s.

Height field experiments

Kangaroo force1 13 SMALL Kangaroo force1 14 SMALL Kangaroo force1 18 SMALL Kangaroo force1 20 SMALL

Architectural Ornamentation Today.

Ming Ornamentation Paper 2

I am working on the paper, but for now it’s just a new render in the process of playing with height fields to try an innovative way to show the height difference…¬†Kangaroo force1 06


greynet greypillow Greypillwonet pillow and net

E2_Pohung_Digital Ornament

Digital Ornament

Penrose CNC Model

Penrose Rhino Model

E5: Visuals

r2 r3 WireFrame-Render meld donut

Troy Newell – Shell Structure


 Link to 3d Model






axon-diagram-1 axon-diagram-2


E2_Parametric pattern_E Dunbar_ARCH7036_FINAL

CNC_Dellcam Folder

CNC Rhino File