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Architectural Visualization

Starting this assignment, I wanted to use Maya for rendering as it is a powerful software that offers many choices and opportunities for both modeling and rendering as well as being a software that I had never used before. Due to the high learning curve and lack of time I was not able to create renderings using Maya for my studio presentation, but I decided to explore it afterward. The first thing I did was save my Rhino 5 file as an OBJ file so that I could import that into Maya. After that, with the help of tutorial videos on, I learned how to change materials, so I proceeded to apply the necessary materials to my model using mostly preset Arnold materials in Maya. This included creating a glass material by messing with the material settings specifically the opacity and roughness sliders. I stumbled upon an issue when I couldn’t find a wood material which is the material used for the majority of my interior and facade. To solve this problem, I went online to find an image that fits the wood I was looking for that included a bump, diffuse and specular map. Afterwards I applied the proper image to the corresponding modifier and played with the scaling setting until I was satisfied with the appearance of the wood. Now that the materials were in place, I simply added a physical sky and modified its intensity and exposure to create a daytime rendering.

After that rendering was completed I wanted to try a night rendering using Maya. To start, I added a series of “area lights” in the interior of the building. After that I modified the physical sky to a dark blue color and after a bit of trial and error I came out with a rendering that I was not satisfied with but I decided to add it still to show where I am at currently. After this assignment I realize that I have just barely scratched the surface of what Maya can do so I plan to continue to practice with this software to continually improve and use the software to its full capabilities.


Apart from these Maya renderings, I first made renderings of the same model using Rhino, VRay, Photoshop, and Illustrator. To start I first found the interior view and exterior view that I wanted to show and saved the views. After that I used the “make2d” command to create linework of both views and exported that linework to modify in Illustrator. Once that was completed, I proceeded to add materials to my building and modify the mapping so that the sizing would be accurate. Afterwards I modified the camera as well as the sunlight and the interior lights. Once that was complete, I rendered the views then took them to Photoshop. In Photoshop I added people, shadows a sky. After this I took the finished product to Illustrator and overlaid the modified line work over the image. I decided to let the linework stretch beyond the scope of what the VRay rendering produced to highlight the different methods I used to create the final product. This created my completed renderings.

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