Course Description:

This four-credit workshop course includes both a seminar and project development format, and develops techniques for both manual and digital drawing and solid modeling as they influence the process of viewing, visualizing, and forming spatial and formal relationships. The course encourages operational connections among different techniques for inquiry and visualization as a critical methodology in the design process, examining the potential for transitioning from one method to another as well as the possibilities of overlapping and combining various techniques and processes. This course introduces digital modeling and drafting using software such as Rhinoceros and AutoCad, while reinforcing fluency in graphic software from the previous semester.


Augmented Reality with HoloLens. SOFA installation. Ming Tang, Mara Marcu.

Course Goals:

Students completing this course will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the application of skills, techniques, and methods of graphic thinking and visualization to their work in the co-requisite design studio.
  • Create a site documentation drawing demonstrating enhanced skills in drafting and analysis.
  • Create a concept driven model demonstrating developed skills in physical modeling and tectonics.
  • Strategically manipulate various skills in digital modeling, spatial conception, and composition through a layered drawing that synthesizes information produced both digitally and manually.
  • Be able to identify theories and principles of representation, communication, and information technology, and apply them to design
  • To be able to communicate a building form through various digital media.
  • To be able to understand various principles of Composition and Presentation, including color system, contrast, aggregation and alignment to create a hybrid drawing.
  • To be able to use computational tools for documentation as well as a generator in the process of design.
  • To apply 3D digital modeling and rendering, animation technique in the design process.
  • To integrate digital fabrication with hand crafted physical modeling.

Required Materials:

Robotic drawing