Pettinga Final

Welcome to the future.





  1. They call him Flipper!

  2. haha ^to troy’s comment…but I have to say that this is one of my favs. The camera rising from beneath the water and the sounds reacting with that is great. It was nice to see that you resolved the overall design nicely, especially the entry way. I like the “mysterious” quality this design conveys.

  3. The lighting effects that you created make the airport look like some sort of bio-luminescent fish from the deep sea. A great effect.

  4. This is a really inspiring and convincing concept rendering. Really original and beautiful image. Also your animation is killer: the subtle movement of the “coral” at the end supports the aquatic motif. Really impressed how this turned out!

  5. Love the ‘dreami-ness’ (sp?) effect (or is it a-ffect?) of the scene. The transition between underwater to above water seems abit choppy. Maybe you want to lengthen that segment in Premiere?

  6. Beautiful structure. I am not sure how the planes get into your building but it seems a bit beside the point as the airport is too beautiful for nasty things likes planes and such.

  7. I love that your video starts from underwater. It really adds to the quality of the video and the idea that it is partly within the water. :mrgreen: