Jared Cole/Levy Nguyen/Adam Stehura



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  1. Niccolo Boldrin


    Your final boards really pop well. I particularly enjoy your renderings of the project on sight. I noticed the scale has grown dramatically, and i wonder how well that works with the site. Overall i think the project is very successful.


  2. Hola Guys,

    I would like to comment on your second board. Like your first one, your layout is very strong; your images are well balance and you’ve clearly focused on what you want the viewer to focus on. That being said, on the second board, I find the sequence of “Phase” images on the left to be a little confusing. I think they’re a little hard to tie into the idea of the design, and I’m having a little bit of a hard time understanding what you mean by “extending the pattern to sidewalk/street.” I also think that your bottom green image should be aligned with the three images above. Other than that, great work G6!!!


  3. Team,

    Great work on the final presentation. I particularly enjoyed your analysis of the hundred or so patterns present on the site, as well as your suggestions for future development. Nice job of bending visual presentation styles (renders, diagrams, photographic montages, etc.). In regards to future development, I think that could be a stronger point of emphasis on this board. There is very little visual cue to call attention to the fact that you think the Committee needs to consider a phased solution. Perhaps add some color to this portion? It currently conflicts with the “green skin” which seems out of place to begin with,

    Other than that, great job!