Candy has been one of our favorite treats since we were children. The wrap in which candy usually comes, helps to preserve the candy, to protect it and keep its integrity intact. The main approach of this project is to approach the concept of the wrap, in other words: The canopy is to people, what the wrap is to the candy; a shelter. In the first stage of this project we generated a 3d model in Rhinoceros and then we transferred the object to Autodesk Maya to give the project some variations on its skin. The models were designed to represent the abstract concept of a candy: Colorfulness, joyfulness, sweetness.

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  1. Niccolo Boldrin


    I posted a comment for this project on your previous post. I just wanted to add That your sequence of boards throughout the course has been very consistent and unified, which I think is unique to your group and quite interesting.

  2. Team,

    As Niccolo noted above, your work has been consistent, unified, and strong throughout the quarter. Your group in particular has demonstrated a mastery of all of the elements at play within the design process of the quarter.

    I do think that you guys may have a problem with information neutrality with these final spreads though. You’ve shown a linear progression, but not really called out the final design proposal in a significant way. I’m a fan of the “big idea” approach, where one image is dominant in each board, particularly in the final. Maybe something to consider moving forward.

    Overall, it’s tough to provide a critique, as I believe your work is strong.