Final Project-Bayless/Suszko

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  1. Niccolo Boldrin

    I really like the new idea and shape. I think the structure and ‘bird’s nest’ openings allow for interesting shading patterns. altogether, the new idea and board work better than the old one

  2. Hey Guys,

    As always, really great stuff. Both boards I think are done really nicely, so I’m having a little bit of trouble critiquing it. A few things I see that might help you guys: If you look at these two boards together, I feel that that the horizontal line of text at the top left of your second board is a little awkward. All of the other main titles of texts are vertical, and the horizontality of the one mentioned throws things off a little. Also, looking at your first board, the sequence of thumbnails on the right are great, but (I’m not sure if you did this on purpose) seem to read backwards. Usually we read images from top to bottom, and I feel your intention was to maybe have that sequence flipped.


  3. I remember when I first saw your project I thought that it was a proposal for the whole central business district of Mt. Lookout rather than just the traffic island. I could go either way but I think that I like it more being that it is just a traffic island. It is a nice moment. I feel like the shifting perspective views that you might get passing through the structure relate well to the temporal aspects of the site — cars zooming by etc. I imagine it being very secluded from within, although it is in fact very small. A nice moment I think.

  4. Great renderings, especially the close up ones that allow a better understanding of the skin and grass coating. Don’t know what to critique.