Trish Kahler and John Cummings Final Spreads

Trish Kahler and John Cummings

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Looking at your first spread, it is attractive off the bat; the interaction between the white space and the images on the board are successful, and you have a nice balance in color. As far as constructive criticism goes, the images on the left- while I get that you’re spinning your waffle model- seems to lack fluidity in sequence. Also, the text “The Concept” to me is a little had to understand if it’s being applied as a title to the whole spread or just simply to that column of images (seeing as how it’s aligned to it)

  2. Whoops, sorry, forgot to log in. That above comment is mine (Alain)

  3. Niccolo Boldrin


    I put the comment for this under your previous post.


  4. This project is great, and I like the precedents you included on your board. It might help to show the rendered views from the inside of the structure, as you did for previous assignments.