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Project 3. Zhao/Santos

Adam, Levy, Jared: Project 3

Trish Kahler and John Cummings part 3

Gateway Board 2

Adam, Levy, Jared

Project 3: Bayless and Suszko pt 2

The final structure of our shade sculpture is composed of three primary elements: a massive base that forms the connection to the ground, a thin layer of glazing, and a more skeletal framework that operates as shading.  After experimenting with a variety of materials, our team decided on the appropriate combination of concrete and steel […]

Project 3: Bayless and Suszko

Inspired by natural elements, the Park Pipeline maintains the fluid shape of an ocean wave as it’s transformed into an interacive terrestrial shading system, allowing people to not only explore underneath it, but also on top of it, as the structure itself blends into the landscape.


Johnson – Hughes, Project 3 Fabrication and Rendering

Stehura/Nguyen/Cole Project 2 Touchup