Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Jared Cole / Levy Nguyen / Adam Stehura

UC Gateway 2020, at the north end of McMicken Commons, is positioned to highlight the campus mainstreet while welcoming commuters and pedestrians to the campus. Intended to stand alone rather than fit in with the preexisting harmony of the campus master plan, the structure erupts from the grassy mound, lofting high above the primary artery […]

Johnson/Hughes, Project 1

T. Kahler/J. Cummings

Project 1. Andres Santos & Michael Zhao

Boldrin/ Perez-Majul

Project 1. Drew Suszko & James Bayless

The site for our landscape sculpture is the intersection of East Mehring and Joe Nuxhall Way in downtown Cincinnati, along the Ohio River.  Our team believed that this open site could benefit from a large-scale shade sculpture. In our design we sought to respond to the inherent movement of the site – an interconnected, organic […]