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Boldrin/Perez-Majul Project 2 Touch-up

Re=post of project 2.

Unfolded Skin, K. Johnson, J. Hughes

P-2: Santos & Zhao

Trish Kahler and John Commings

Boldrin, Perez-Majul Project 2

Boldrin – Majul Portable Sunshade System Depending on geography, climate, and season, the BMPSS can deploy an array of different skins to best accomedate the client’s needs.

Project 2. James Bayless and Drew Suszko

Using sharp, angular faces composed in a semi-random cascade, the skin we designed for our shade structure serves to complement its organic form.  Beginning first with a regularized tessellation, we introduced an element of disorder into the equation.  By mixing two techniques – cut faces and extruded, poked faces – we generated a skin that […]