Final Project-Bayless/Suszko

Project 3: Bayless and Suszko pt 2

The final structure of our shade sculpture is composed of three primary elements: a massive base that forms the connection to the ground, a thin layer of glazing, and a more skeletal framework that operates as shading.  After experimenting with a variety of materials, our team decided on the appropriate combination of concrete and steel […]

Project 3: Bayless and Suszko

Project 2. James Bayless and Drew Suszko

Using sharp, angular faces composed in a semi-random cascade, the skin we designed for our shade structure serves to complement its organic form.  Beginning first with a regularized tessellation, we introduced an element of disorder into the equation.  By mixing two techniques – cut faces and extruded, poked faces – we generated a skin that […]

Project 1. Drew Suszko & James Bayless

The site for our landscape sculpture is the intersection of East Mehring and Joe Nuxhall Way in downtown Cincinnati, along the Ohio River.  Our team believed that this open site could benefit from a large-scale shade sculpture. In our design we sought to respond to the inherent movement of the site – an interconnected, organic […]