Final Critique

Final Critique, through video conferencing, with

Jonathon R. Anderson _ University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Shai Yeshayahu _ Southern Illinois University

Jared Cole/Levy Nguyen/Adam Stehura



Boldrin/Majul Final


Candy has been one of our favorite treats since we were children. The wrap in which candy usually comes, helps to preserve the candy, to protect it and keep its integrity intact. The main approach of this project is to approach the concept of the wrap, in other words: The canopy is to people, what the wrap is to the candy; a shelter. In the first stage of this project we generated a 3d model in Rhinoceros and then we transferred the object to Autodesk Maya to give the project some variations on its skin. The models were designed to represent the abstract concept of a candy: Colorfulness, joyfulness, sweetness.

Trish Kahler and John Cummings Final Spreads

Trish Kahler and John Cummings

Johnson / Hughes Final Project Draft 1.2

Final Project-Bayless/Suszko

Project 3: Mt. Lookout Proposal 1

Boldrin_Majul Final




Katy and Jonathan – Final Spreads v. 1.0