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Midterm Presentation

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Full Midterm File

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Yarn Construct Overall

Trey V Meyer – Mid-Term Review

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Site Models – Study of site influences including circulation, depth of site forces, and sense of arrival.

Initial Ideas – Bridge intervention with layering of systems as well as fragmented facade.

Site Plan/Voronoi – Overlay studies based on circulation paths with offset nodes along paths to fragment the site and create different zones with individual identities.

Details – Two systems of fabric within the intervention: ETFE facade system is functional for living where as the PVC polyester fabric canopy system is functional as a landmark.

Plans/Sections – Reinforcing the depth within the site with strong system of levels and canopy coverings.

Voronoi Site, Circulation, & Fragmenting Generative Studies

View from West – Facade & Roof Systems
View from South – Night Render of Roof Canopy System

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Entire Midterm Presentation


Tyler Gentry Midterm

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