Site for Project 1.

Pendleton  &  CBD, Cincinnati, OH

The site is approximately 660’ X 250’, currently a vacant surface parking lot,  located at the northeast corner of CBD of Cincinnati, across the Reading Rd to the Pendleton Art District.  It is adjacent to the Hoseshoe Casino which is under construction, and Grayhount Bus Station.

Pendleton is a small neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, located on the east side of Over-the-Rhine, north of the Central Business District, and south of Mount Auburn. It is home of the Pendleton Art Center. The triangle-shaped boundaries of the neighborhood are Liberty Street, Reading Road/Central Parkway, and Sycamore Street. Sometimes the neighborhood is referred to as the “Pendleton Art District” of Over-the-Rhine because of its small size, but Pendleton and Over-the-Rhine are officially two separate neighborhoods in District 1 of the City of Cincinnati. Pendleton is considered a neighborhood in the Over-the-Rhine Historic District by the National Register of Historic Places and City of Cincinnati and the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce. Horseshoe Casino

Site for Project 2 : ShenZhen, China

Shenzhen is an important border city between Mainland China and Hong Kong – and between China and the world. What was once a fishing village is now a sprawling metropolis of more than 10 million people. Shenzhen grew at an unprecedented pace, making it one of the world’s fastest developing urban areas over the past 30 years.The city is a powerful force in the ongoing development of the Pearl River Delta, one of China’s premier urban and economic regions with a current population of over 40 million. Shenzhen’s status as one of the first Special Economic Zones (SEZ) drove the growth of both the city and the region, opening trade and the flow of ideas between Mainland China and the world.  Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta are part of China’s spectacular success in economic and urban development. Shenzhen is a global role model and example of Chinese innovation in opening and liberalizing their economy. All of this is facilitated by complex systems of mobility networks, from subway lines to global shipping lanes.

Sungang-Quingshuihe (SQ) is a neighborhood of approximately 2.5 square kilometers, located in Louhu, one of the oldest districts in the east of Shenzhen. SQ lies between the political border of the Special Administrative Zone (SAZ) of Hong Kong, and the former frontier of Shenzhen’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ). SQ is an ideal place for GSA participants to dedicate themselves to broad urban questions, as well as site-specific phenomena. The interdependence of SQ and regional mobility infrastructure is strong. SQ developed as an important transit node for export-oriented industrial products. Merchandise transits through SQ between Hong Kong and Mainland China on major train lines and highways, which run through the area. As a result, the dominant building typology on the site is warehouses. Other infrastructure crosses the terrain of the site, including the channelized Buji River and high voltage electricity lines.


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