Revised design, three phases

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3D Model with three phases views

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3 Phases: Old Building, new Mosque, new school.


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P3. Team B

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3D model



Team A 3D Model

P2_Iteration 3 – Nick Chism

P2_Iteration 3 – Nick Chism

Interior: The main concept of the building is to create a linear progression through the building. This is achieved by allowing for the user to have a direct view through the building upon entering the new main entry on the western side of the building (sketch seen on page 5). The intention of this view is to allow for the individual to be invited into and through the building, whether it be for times of prayer or for times of community. As one progresses through this path there are new additional washrooms/shoe storage(and relocated nursing room) directly adjacent to this path and connected to the prayer hall so as to maintain a close connection between the two. Past this room is the existing dining/multipurpose room which would remain, but now is more of a destination and an inviting space as it is more easily accessible directly from the entry. In this current scheme in between the main entry and this dining space are movable screens(see page 6 for screen ideas) that allow for the prayer hall to be expanded and contracted as needed for larger events. The screen that is directly related to the prayer room would be the most opaque so as to limit noise/visual distractions, while still providing some additional light and an open airy feeling to the space.

On the southern side of the building a new lounge/cafe gathering space has been created to further help build community and allow for community to happen within the building outside of a large event setting. This room is directly able to be seen into from the lobby, creating a secondary line of movement along the building that still is connected with the prayer hall and dining areas as those can be seen from the lounge space. This space in it’s current iteration would aim to have a lot of additional windows and light streaming into the building. An additional idea with these windows that translates into the exterior of the building is to utilize screens on the exterior of the building that allow for security for the building as well as creating patterned shadows that are able to bring in Islamic patterns into the building(see page 6 for inspiration images).

The east side of the building has been reorganized to be the main area where the classroom functions occur and the main space for the children of the community center to use. Larger classrooms have been added as well as changing the existing lobby space into an indoor play area outside of the classrooms for kids to enjoy. This area also connects to the playground which was previously located on the west side of the building but now has been relocated to the eastern side as the west side will become the new main entry(see page 4 for site plan).

At the core of the building are the functions of the building that are less necessary for a lot of light to come into and are the private functions of the center that the public do not need access to such as storage, utility rooms, and the private offices. Moving these elements to the core of the building is what allows for all of the main public facing spaces to benefit from lots of light and new windows that could potentially be added. The offices while they would not have direct access to an exterior window they would have windows facing into the current dining area so as to take advantage of the existing skylights and so they would have additional light.

Exterior: The proposed idea for the addition of the new entry space and modifying of the facade can be seen on the sketch on page 5 (see sheet 6 for exterior inspiration image). The shape and form of the arch are seen in a lot of existing Islamic architecture from the past and current, so building on this I wanted to allow for this new entry to the building to utilize this arch element into the facade by using these arches to create the new area for doors and for windows. The window portions of this addition would have screens in sections similar to the rest of the building so as to allow for the patterned shadows into the spaces as discussed previously. Overall the facade of the building in it’s current state is dominated by the metal roof element which seems to be an unnecessary architectural feature and can be removed, with it’s removal the facade would most likely need to be patched with stucco and then I would propose to paint the building white, giving the building a light and airy look while not standing out too much from the buildings around it for security purposes.



Project 2 Combined

Project 2 Combined

P2_Iteration 1_Ummul (updates with text)


P2_Iteration 6_Maddie Cooke

Digital Model: 3D Model of Purposed Design

2D Drawings: P2_Iteration 6_Maddie Cooke

The current community center feels like a temporary space that works against the goals of the community.

The Exterior: 

As seen on the site plan, the new design would move the playground to a more secluded side of the building, on the far east. This allows for more separation from the flow of car traffic and keeps this area closer to the classrooms.

I also purpose a new entry on the South of the building, to be more directly visible upon entering the site, and putting it closer to the parking. This design purposes a new skin for the existing building, and a new screening system to provide privacy to that new entry.

As seen in the last slide of reference images, the pattern can be used to provide more identity to the building and can use the increase in density as way finding to make the building easy to navigate.

The Interior: This design simplifies the building to allow easy use for multiple programming and removes confusing circulation.

As highlighted in the circulation diagram, there is a direct line from the new entry, through the new washrooms and shoe storage, into a Prayer Hall moved to the North of the building, away from distractions.

The Play Room, right at the entry, has operable walls on two faces, allowing it to be used as overflow prayer if one panel is opened (pictured in the Perspective images). Alternatively, it can be kept closed for child care, or opened into the dining and multi-purpose area to allow a space for kids during community gatherings.

The existing Dining is maintained, but the stage has been rotated away from the entry, and the kitchen has been expanded to allow further use for community dinners and for access for people temporarily living there.

There is an Office at both entries that can be used to monitor the flow of people when necessary, and allowing proximity to the different activities.

The Classrooms have been all moved to the North-East corner to allow for windows directly into the space. One pair of classrooms has an operable wall so to allow for larger classes or larger families to stay in one room. There is storage in that corner that can be used for the beds and other required resources for when those rooms are used as housing. The entry on that corner has been maintained for easy access when activities are only happening in the classroom wing.

P2_Iteration#5_Amy Cui


p2 presentation