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Skin is an installation done by [ay] Architecture, in 2011. This installation looks at organic structure that interacts with the subject. Skin is 5 meters in length and was created with, a “Large Scale CNC along with high tech matters and other techniques will be employed to rapid prototype and assemble this processual design”. It was unveiled at furniture design Paris in 2011, being suspended from the ceiling.

Skin is relevant to project one because it has a different way of fabricating digital design, in an organic way. The organic form that skin is designed off of is an interesting way of using parametric design. This installation shows us that forms can be expressed in different ways and that there are more ways to look at a problem than head on. Also the form is free flowing allowing for more abstract designs and installations which could be used as an abstract partition

Skin Installation


  1. I really enjoy this project because of its organic nature. Like you said about expression of form, I think the change in “membrane” structure morphs as the unit twists and turns. There are really thick parts in the middle where the installation would need most of its stability (comparable to a human’s waist) and stretches out at either ends.

  2. I definitely see the organic nature of this project. It reminds me of some sort of alien material such as the material the character ‘Venom’ is made of in the movie spiderman. It implies a certain aspect of stretching and covering a material. This method of design as well as the material used are both new and intriguing.