Robot Fabrication

This work was created and constructed by several undergraduate architecture students taking a digital tectonics course at Carnegie Mellon University.

Composition of this wall includes an array of unique hexagonal modules that connect snugly to one another, thereby eliminating any adhesives or fasteners. Each module is formed by two separate molds.  The molds used to form each component are milled on a 7-axis robot.  The molds are then lined-up, clamped tightly to one another, and cast in plaster

When asked to describe who or what influenced this project, the students responded with Fabio Gramazio and Kostas Terzidis.  While developing this project, the students were reading about Francis Bacon and Studios in Tectonics Culture. Finally, the biggest focus of these students is concentrating on the work radar to see who they are interested in working with.  The biggest names of interest include Francois Roche, Greg Lynn, and Coop Himmelblau.

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