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n|edg is an installation in Lyon, France by MARK FORNES & THEVERYMANY. It is an experiment in surface tensions and relaxations in order to provide and create natural structural stiffness. The surface was able to generate the best fit curvature as a response to fix hanging or support points located either on the floor, ceiling, or walls.
The advanced computer programs that we have today allowed the design team to re-understand the surface’s curvature as a series of points. Higher densities of points are relative to the degree of curvature, resulting in more points and eventually fabricated parts in areas with more curvature. The CNCed aluminum pieces were designed to vary from three to “n” number of edges depending on the complexity of the curvature that each piece is subjected to. Each polygonal part is similar, but not identical, and changes in size and proportion allows it to describe different radius of curvature. The installation consists of two surfaces that, due to their geometry, are structurally stable without any use of added support.


  1. 01 Luke Diewald

    I think if we were able to create something with natural structural stiffness it would be great. I think the biggest problem would be that the walls would most likely have to be easily moved.