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The Toronto based design research firm RVTR expertise spans a wide variety of disciplines from master planning through high performance building envelope design. However, their Resonant Chamber suspended acoustic ceiling system is particularly relevant to our current discussion.

One clustering of Resonant Chambers

The Resonant Chamber is an acoustic solution to dynamic interior sonic characteristics. It is adaptive to changing sound levels and modularly deployable, lending the ability to respond to even the most demanding acoustic conditions.

Back side of the Resonant Chamber

The approach to this unique sonic solution developed by RVTR is threefold: a modular system consisting of a tessellated perforated acoustic surface, coupled with a wireless microcomputer and speaker system to record and replay interior sounds in order to equalize sound levels. The solution is not only functional but also beautiful.

A diagram of the system

Diagram of the System

The modular nature of the device allows the system to be as small or as large as it needs to be to respond to unique sonic problems prevalent in situ.


VIDEO 1 / VIDEO 2 of the system in action.


  1. This is really pretty awesome, particularly considering that its a fairly simple example of tessellation, but also a great example of something that intentionally addresses the acoustic needs of the space. There are plenty of opportunities for design in the apertures of the screen as well.

  2. 04 Mary Wischmeyer

    This acoustic solution is really neat. Looks like a sweet alternative, to what is normally boring, old, and crumbly acoustic tiles!

  3. 05 Sarah Kusuma

    I wonder if changing the triangle to another shape would have an impact on how much it moved. I was also wondering if the movement of the shapes is at all affected by the noise level. In the second video it seems as though the installation moves regularly rather than due to the amount of people in the space.

  4. Beautiful structure and material. The design could definitely be manipulated to be more holistic or a partition wall. I wonder if we will have the budget to apply the sophisticated acoustic technology proposed in this design – but its good to know of anyways!

  5. 05 Jesse Larkins

    This is quite a beautifully executed design that was clearly well researched. It would be great to witness its acoustic affects in person, especially in different scales and settings.