Tidal Wall

AJ Suever | Rebecca Doughty | Mary Wischmeyer | Theresa Bort

We approached the design of this partition intending to create two different localized functions and aesthetics, one on each side of the wall. One side serves as a structural frame for the eight foot partition. Its flat regularized surface provides pin up and critique space, while absorbing extraneous sound through the concavity of the cones on that side. The other side is intended to trap sound in a larger group setting. The surface is made up of a series of varying convex cones, which provide significant depth variation to trap sound.

Our group experimented with reactive forms in Maya, building cones that opened and extended based on their proximity to a chosen point. We set the point at eye level so the visual gradient will have the most effect on the viewer. We then refined the design using paneling tools in Rhino to create a more regularized design that grows radially outward from that same point. The red octagons play off the red beams in Niehoff Studio and provide a visual spine that anchors the evolving white pyramids.

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