Honeycomb Partition Description: Michelle Rush, London Huenefeld, Alex Riordan

The model of our partition was constructed at roughly 1/8”=1” scale. It was built with laser-cut 1/16″ chip board.  The form of the partition consisted of parametric (slightly distorted) hexagons which were the faces to the tube-like hexagon structures underneath.  The tube-like structures were stacked within one another to make for an easy assembly.  For the sake of the model we used glue as a connector, but the idea for the real partition was to have bolts so that the pieces don’t slide and fall.  The wall itself was not entirely vertical, in fact it had an extremely undulating form.  This made for some very unique shapes that (for the model) were scored chipboard that we folded to make the hexagonal tube-like structures.  In real like the wall was thought to be made out of some type of metal and felt – the felt would help control the acoustics within the crit space as well as serve a secondary purpose as pinup material.  Certain parts of the wall were to be more flat while others more undulating to create an intriguing partition that also hit both major improvements the studio staff were looking for.

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