Acoustacks: Jessie Werbeach, Erin Kline, Bo Hubbard, Paul Conover

We constructed our model at roughly 1/6”=1” scale. It was made out of 40 layers of laser-cut 2mm corrugated plastic, out of which were cut parametric holes which were slightly distorted squares with the approximate dimensions of 1”x1”. Added on top of these layers was a layer of plexi-glass for stability. The layers were glued together with an epoxy. 1/16” holes were drilled through vertically to thread wires. Some of these wires merely cinched the layers together while others served the double purpose of suspending the cloud. To cinch the layers, metal wire stops were soldered onto the wire on either side of the model. Inserted at the top of each column formed by the layers was acoustical foam, the idea being that in a full-scale model, sound waves would travel up these columns and be dispersed by the foam. We suspended the whole model inside of a wooden frame to best display its lighting qualities. The construction of this cloud, besides dimensions of material, would not vary at full scale.

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