Niehoff Project Description

The HoneyDome is a cloud device that is hung from the ceiling to absorb and control the bouncing of sound around a room.  The design is comprised of hexagons used in a honeycomb pattern.  Domes of various sizes have been inserted into each hexagon as a means of increasing the surface area of the cloud.  As the surface area increases the opportunity of the piece to absorb sound also increases.  The hexagons were then put into Rhino and used to populate a curve, which again increased the surface area of the cloud.  Because of its porous characteristics felt was chosen as the material to line the interior of the domes.  The porous nature of the felt allows for more absorption of sound.  The hexagon pieces are made of cardboard which is ideal because of its lightweight and cost effective qualities.  Each row of the cloud is bolted together with lighter weight plastic bolts and then hung separately from the ceiling.  This allows for the cloud to appear as one entity when hung without becoming unstable and falling apart.  When hung in the Niehoff Studio the HoneyDome will help reduce the bouncing of sound and create a space in which critiques and small group discussions can be more productive.  As the excess sound is absorbed the echo effect that currently exists will stop and you will be able to hear the conversations of those around you while the conversations of other groups will be silenced.

Lydia Witte

Katie Honneywell

Emmey Jensen

Nora Begin

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