Acoustic Sound Partition 250 words for Frank Russell

Acoustic Control Partitions

Matt Lamm, Phil Riazzi, Keegan Riley, Chris Walker

The purpose of this mobile partition is to control the acoustic qualities in Neihoff studio.  This model is modular and can be repeated and connected to make a serpentine structure.  The ideal height (7’-0”) creates intimate special zones within the large open gallery space while also blocking sunlight from curtain walls.    The form is adapted from choir shells which reflect wanted sound and deflects ambient noise.  Each concave area is meant to be used as a small scale critique space to amplify and reflect the sound of the speaker back to the audience.  The material qualities of the partition have proven to aid in the sound reduction.  The felt pentagon pattern is more revealed in the convex areas where ambient sound would be absorbed.  Alternately, the felt pattern is less revealed in the concave critique areas to be more reflective.  The organic paneling system allows for a strong variation in aperture size.  The final construction is a layered system comprised of the corrugated pentagon system attached to wooden spacers, which are stapled to the curtain-like sound attenuation fabric.  Finally, the layered system is hung from sturdy wooden ribs.  The pin-up space is setback into the structure which creates gaps where more sound can be absorbed or where lights can be installed for a more dramatic presentation.


  1. Wow! Great project guys. :shock: