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Niehoff Partition Updates 2

Corey Thomas, Michael Haddy, John Mitros

In the continued development of our parametric cut outs we have devised a method for fabrication by joining multiple panels together into sheets containing 6×6 of the original, smaller panels. What do you think about the overall opacity?

We also have developed the attachments between the fabric and the steel frame shown in the image below in more detail.

We are now preparing the files for Mock fabrication, see below..


Corey Thomas, Michael Haddy, John Mirtos


The website seems to be full so please follow this link below to see our final board.

Thank you!

Schematic Concept – M. Haddy, J. Mitros, C. Thomas

In our search for a focused design concept we are trying to develop a relationship between the parametric design of grasshopper with the innate attraction people have to nature and it’s therapeutic qualities. By synthesizing the modular design involved in grasshopper with the infrastructure required to support nature we can create a living partition through the actual use of plants or through a dynamic fabrication.