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project 1

This is a piece entitled 3D approach tactile by the firm Interlam, as was shown in the 2012 surface design show. Interlam is a firm that designs architectural wall panels using digital fabrication. The shows focus is mainly on the design of surfaces for interior decorating and artistic purposes. The focus of this piece is primarily on aesthetics, but is grounded is digital fabrication.

This piece shows how digital fabrication can be used on a partitions surface to shape and form it into a aesthetically pleasing object. It opens up the possibility for focusing the fabrication towards a specific subject such as acoustic optimization.

Unlike a normal flat surface or wall that you would find on most every wall or partition you see this piece shows some of the possibilities digital fabrication can allow in terms of wall design. It works with the shading and line work to enhance the overall look of the surface and creates an wall that is aesthetically pleasing to look at.