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3-D Print Individual Paper


Click the link above to view my paper on 3-D Printing! :)

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The “Breathtakers”, crafted by Feyrouz Ashoura, is a “hypothetical story about the evolution of the human anatomy,” translated into fashion garment. The concept took inspiration from the human being and the structure of our body itself. In pursuit of “converting the ugliness [the artist] can recognize in humans to a so far undiscovered beauty.”
The main idea behind the entire project was built around the respiratory system, and the exploration of the idea of a mutation that would follow the need to breath underwater, and the synthesis triggered by the “terrestrial and the underwater world that blooms into a new born species.”

This piece was made in a process of sculpting around the human body, “reversing our skeleton, taking our anatomy inside out, building new structures around the body with manipulated fabric to make it a new kind of shell, a second skin.

The Breathtakers exhibits an important quality that may be good to explore in this project: responsiveness to the object (space) being designed for. While the technology for creating a good acoustic atmosphere should be transferrable to any space, the partition for this project could benefit by taking a good look at the studio and its structure to see how to integrate that in the design of the partition so while it embraces the space, it can also enhance it.

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