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The Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore was designed as the by RSP Architects, Planners, and Engineers.  This pedestrian bridge stands 118 feet high, making it the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, and connecting three major parks.

The bridge is derived from seven undulating ribs of steel alternating above and below the bridge’s horizontal axis.  The curved material functions as benches and alcoves along the nine hundred feet walkway.  The shape of the bridge mimics an organic pattern, such like a wave-like pattern or snake.

During the day the bridge embraces the surrounding landscape.  At night, the park’s landscape disappears, and the bridge enhances views of Singapore’s skyline.  During night hours, the bridge is illuminated with LEDs, making for quite an attraction.

Initially, when I came across this bridge I saw it as a very complex design.  However, most of the bridge is constructed by one repeated material and shape, such as a tessellation is.  The repeated piece, allows for not only the overall shape of the bridge, but it also creates seating within this simplistic bridge design.