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Software Advances in Crowd Behavior Simulation

Software Advances in Crowd Behavior Simulation

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Visualization – J. Blakey, J. Hanlon, C. Carlo, E. Baum

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The CAMELEO Responsive façade is a project by CARBON Ideas Studio in Kerman, Iran.  It is an attempt to make a product that is ditigally fabricated, environmentally responsive, aesthetically interesting, and still affordable.

The team that was faced with this challenge worked to simplify the parametric computations, production process, and technical installation.  The final design can react to both human and environmental changes by reconfiguring its shape.  The movement of the façade has the ability to control interior light and heat while adding a dynamic appearance to the exterior of the building.

The façade system was applied to an ordinary building near the Lut Desert in south Iran.  It has successfully demonstrated that responsive architecture can be a reality even in places with such harsh conditions and little money.  I think that optimizing our parametric technology for affordability and practicality is an important focus for future innovation.  The CAMELEO Responsive Façade is an example of architectural design that is worth taking further and thinking about in other aspects of building.