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Maya Bone Skeleton – Individual Paper Ben Koontz

Maya Bone Skeleton is a feature that is used in maya to allow movement for animations. Several animations have been made using the Maya Bone Skeleton system. For example Pixar made a short film in 2002 named The Chubbchubbs. Pixar wanted to explore the possibilities and the potential of this program. The end result was an award winning 7 minute long short film. Another company that uses the Maya Bone Skeleton is the creators of South Park. The real question is how does Maya take the information give to it to allow the joints to move properly?

Maya has a system of parent and child joint chains. The parent joint chain has to move first in order to let the child joint chain move. An example of a parent joint chain would be the spine, because in order for a leg to move it has to move with the hip and the hip is part of the parent joint chain that is the spine. Once the leg is able to move it has to know what order its joints should move. To accomplish this you have to start with the joint that is going to be connected to the hip. Starting with the upper most joint automatically makes that joint the parent joint for the joint chain of the leg. Next you go sequentially through leg joints: knee, to ankle, to foot. Now you have the complete leg chain which will allow you to move the body correctly. So if you move the ankle only that join and the next joints in the chain move. If you move the knee, the knee, the ankle, and the foot will all move with the knee because the knee is the parent joint to the rest of them. Joint hierarchy is the most important thing when it comes to making sure that body parts move fluidly.  Once all the parent and child joint chains are connected the object will act as one bone structure. This allows for movements to be made in animations.

Final Board – Mitch Grusz, Andrew Maragos, Dalton Witham, Ben Koontz


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Skin is an installation done by [ay] Architecture, in 2011. This installation looks at organic structure that interacts with the subject. Skin is 5 meters in length and was created with, a “Large Scale CNC along with high tech matters and other techniques will be employed to rapid prototype and assemble this processual design”. It was unveiled at furniture design Paris in 2011, being suspended from the ceiling.

Skin is relevant to project one because it has a different way of fabricating digital design, in an organic way. The organic form that skin is designed off of is an interesting way of using parametric design. This installation shows us that forms can be expressed in different ways and that there are more ways to look at a problem than head on. Also the form is free flowing allowing for more abstract designs and installations which could be used as an abstract partition

Skin Installation