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Tobe Luu Bray Dudley Competition Submission

Sky-Scaping The Niehoff Acoustic Cloud

Acoustic Ceiling Concept – Rachel Tobe, Jenn Bray, Sharon Luu

This is an image of one of our concepts.  It was conceived from one solid curved mass, which was then cut into slices and each slice was pulled and offset slightly.  The result is a wavy, undulating effect as you walk through the space.

Other iterations produced in Maya.

P1_Sharon Luu_01

Located in Cardiff, Wales, the Senedd, or the Welsh National Assembly Hall, was designed by Richard Rogers who won an international architecture competition.  This ceiling bridges the Neuadd and the the Oriel, which are the public entry/reception and public exhibition space respectively. One of the biggest components of the design criteria was sustainability, with emphasis on the use of local Welsh materials.

This ceiling could be considered a tessellation because the same geometric shapes are repeated to form a whole structure. However, due to the size of the geometries and the undulating effect of the ceiling, it also appears as one cohesive unit.  This structure also extends outside and provides cover, acting like the roof of a pavilion.  It successfully unifies the building, inside, and outside, while maintaining structural interest.

The organic form and the use of local woods also ties in with the Senedd’s committment to sustainability.  In fact, the location of the column brings to mind a mushroom sprouting in a forest.  It is a playful, whimsical design that still stays true to the environment.